Erectile dysfunction at young age

Erectile dysfunction at young age

Erectile dysfunction at a young age has become a common problem. Even quite difficult to determine what type of disorder is considered early because a man should ideally maintain potency till old age. Disorder is considered erectile dysfunction in men under 35 years of age as exactly this age is considered the period of the greatest sexual activity for men. Consider the causes of erectile dysfunction, which may cause health problems in the sexual sphere at a young age.

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What are the types of erectile dysfunction in young men?

There are two types of ED:

  • Psychogenic: when the causes are in the psyche of a man.
  • Organic: disturbances in the body that caused erectile dysfunction.

A common case is a combination of various degrees of both causes of ED in men. Usually, it is caused by psychological reasons: any traumatic situation which led to a lack of confidence and inferiority complex in a man. Early impotence at young aged men is characterized by the fact that often a man retains the ability to get an erection, but loses at the moment of intimacy.

In order to identify the origin of psychogenic dysfunction, a general investigation should be carried out. After the organic causes of the disorder are excluded, you must make sure that there is an ability to get an erection on the reflex level. As it has been already mentioned, the disorder can also be caused by real health problems as atherosclerosis, diabetes, effects of bad habits, sexually transmitted diseases, prostatitis, spinal injuries, and so on.

What are the first signs of erectile dysfunction?

The most common early signs of impotence include:

  • premature ejaculation: it appears due to irregular sexual contacts. Often, in order to stabilize the situation you simply need to lead a stable sexual life. Otherwise, it can cause the development of erectile dysfunction;
  • erectile function decline: it may be caused by excessive sexual activity in a short period of time. Any human body can temporarily lose its efficiency as a result of hard work and the penis is not an exception. Treatment in this case – a long rest;
  • difficulties achieving or maintaining erection sufficient for the successful sexual intercourse.
  • Absence of morning erection.

These are the symptoms, which shouldn’t be ignored. In case you have at least one of them, it is recommended to start the necessary treatment.

Have you heard about the “syndrome of the first meeting”?

This syndrome is characterized by the fact that erection problems are fixed only during the first proximity with a particular partner, while in subsequent times the sexual act is carried out without problems. The fact that often the excitement is so strong that during the start of sexual intercourse the male body is simply tired of it, which leads to disappearance of the erection. Such a failure (especially in the first act of intercourse) can be a big psychological problem, causing great difficulties in the future and later problems in the sexual sphere. Frequent failures may make a man think about his own inferiority, which can lead to erectile dysfunciton even at a young age.

Top-5 main causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can develop as an independent disease, or be the result of some diseases. There are many reasons that can lead to sexual dysfunction in men:

  1. The psychological component: Today this is one of the most common causes of male impotence, which can be observed in young, physically strong men. The reason is psycho-emotional disorders and nervous stress. This happens as a result of daily stress associated with work or family atmosphere. Often, for quite a long time a man cannot notice any external manifestations, while a high level of adrenaline does not lead to a reduction in emissions of male hormones that cause sexual dysfunction. You should see a specialist for help, because in the future the disease will progress, gradually leading to a complete loss of sexual health, if there is no necessary treatment.
  2. Physical fatigue of the body: It appears as a result of severe physical exhaustion. By itself, the sexual act requires a considerable amount of energy, and if the body is on the verge of physical exhaustion, the negative effect is inevitable. This is especially true of athletes, too keen on training.
  3. Problems with the endocrine system: As a result of a malfunction of the endocrine often there is a significant decrease in testosterone – a hormone which is necessary for the successful performance of male functions.
  4. Neurology: It is the main cause of organic impotence, and unfortunately, gradually diseases related to the nervous system, become the most important causes. Common causes: trauma, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, spinal hernia, etc. In these cases, impotence is more a symptom of the disease, and it is necessary to begin cure diseases in the nervous system.
  5. Excess weight: Overweight coupled with diabetes caused ED. Excess weight is usually accompanied by elevated levels of glucose in the blood, which has a negative effect on men’s health. Metabolic disorders reduce the production of testosterone, which causes decrease in sexual activity.

What to do if you have ED of the mixed type?

Erectile dysfunction is often of the mixed type in cases where due to the relatively not significant organic disorders such as male potency a man gets in stressful situations, which become the main cause of the disease.

What to do with this kind of ED? Young men should remember that this kind of dysfunction can be successfully treated.  There is no need to be depressed as almost 100% of any problems with erectile dysfunction are treatable if you start the necessary treatment when notice the first signs of ED. The sooner you start treatment, the faster you will return to normal sexual life. Modern men have the great choice of ED drugs, among which the most popular there are such Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. However, you should use them before planning a sexual intercourse to feel more self-confident. But it is recommended to combine drugs with the healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition, physical exercises, no alcohol and cigarettes.