Why sportsmen have problems with potency?

Why sportsmen have problems with potency?

Everyone used to think that sport can influence your health only positively. That’s why maybe the statement about negative impact of sport on men’s potency will be shocking for many people.

Professional sportsmen are well trained and healthy people who are professionally engaged in any kind of sport. Depending on the necessary skills, professional athletes train every day, one or two workouts a day. Before important competitions, the duration and (or) the number of trainings can significantly increase. This approach to training provides athletes with the development of their athletic skills but it goes against health.

In the period of intensive training, the potency and sexual attraction of a sportsman      can be significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that most of his strength is spent on training and recovery.

More about potency in sportsmen

Nowadays specialists admit with full confidence that almost all professional athletes who have completed their careers have problems with potency of varying severity. Another thing is that over time, sexual function can normalize. However, as the statistics says, only half of sportsmen are lucky to have normal potency back. It’s no secret that modern sport is very closely connected with the use of doping and all sorts of sports “chemistry”. No need to say that this kind of upgrade of the body is not good for men’s health.

How the intake of steroids influence men’s sexual functions

Often, professional sportsmen resort to the use of sports doping to improve their results. Especially this tendency is developed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, arm-wrestling. The intake of such drugs as anabolic steroids leads to a decrease in the production of their own sex hormones by the body, which is subsequently reflected by a decrease in potency.

With the subsequent rejection of steroids, the function of the testicles for the production of hormones and potency are restored in the course of time, however, in the severe cases of abuse of hormonal drugs, the hormonal background in a man never returns to normal condition.


Do not confuse the usual sports nutrition with heavy hormonal drugs. For example, the same bodybuilders use protein – a powder mixture with high protein content. The high-quality protein of vegetable origin, therefore, is devoid of negative consequences for the body and potency.

What kinds of sports are useful and which are better to avoid?

There are unuseful sports for men like chess, racing, rowing and other sports that assume a person’s sitting position. Cycling is the most undesirable and contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction in men.

The types of sports that have the best influence on the potency are the following: running, swimming, walking, as these sports not only strengthen health, but also improve blood circulation to the genitals, which directly contributes to the improvement of sexual function. In general, all sports, where a person moves straightened to full height can be attributed to a group of useful kinds of sports. This is using jumping rope, jogging, and water sports as well.

How to do sports without harming your potency?

From all mentioned above, you can make a simple conclusion: professional sports are harmful to the sexual life of man and male potency in particular. But a completely different situation is with amateur sport, visiting gyms and sports grounds to promote health. Aerobic running strengthens the cardiovascular system, which is important for sexual functions. Such physical exercises are really useful and only contribute to a healthy sexual life and a strong erection.